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General Question

Unsubscribe or Update email Notification Settings

You can easily choose when you get an email from us by visiting Unsubscribe after logging into your account. You can also manage your email settings, or unsubscribe, from the links at the bottom of the latest received email.

Promoted Petitions FAQs

A petition is eligible for promotion once it reaches a minimum amount of signatures, depending on the location and other factors. If you started the petition you will be notified via email that your petition is promotable. At that point, anyone, including you, can choose to promote it.

How to Report Content

To report a petition, you must first be logged into your account. Once you have logged in, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the petition page and click on “Report a policy violation” button located below the comments section.
  2. This button opens a menu where you will select a category for your report.
  3. Before you can make a submission, you must include a reason for your report. The more specific you can be with your reason for reporting content, the more equipped the Help Center team will be when assessing your claim.

Remove signature from petition

When a petition is signed, our system automatically emails a confirmation to the email address associated with that account. This email will generally have a subject line that begins “You have a message about…”.

At the bottom of the email, you will see the option “Didn’t sign this petition? Remove your signature”.  To remove your signature, click on the Remove your signature link.

My account

How do I reactivate my account?

If you’ve deactivated your account and would like to reopen it, simply access the website and sign another petition using the email address associated with your account.

How to edit your petition

In this article, we’ll discuss how to locate and make edits to your petition.

To locate any petitions you created, follow the guide below:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your name or display picture, located at the top-right side of the page
  3. Select “My Petition” from the drop-down menu
  4. If you created the petition under a personal profile, click on “Started” at the left side of the screen to locate your petition
  5. If you created your petition under an organization profile, click on the appropriate icon under “Organizations” to locate your petition

How to edit account and profile information

To access these options, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on your profile image, located at the upper- right side corner of the page
  3. There you will see the “Edit profile” where you will be able to edit your information

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Forgot your password? Simply follow the instructions below and we’ll have you logged back in promptly.

1. Click Sign In from the top right corner of the screen.

2. Click on “Forgot your password?”

3. Type in your email address, click the ‘Reset Password’ button and you should receive further instructions via email shortly. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

How do I close my account?

While we will miss your presence, we make closing your account easy.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your name or profile picture at the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select the “Edit Profile” option from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on “Delete Account”
  5. Confirm that you would like to close your account.

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